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About Carys Whittaker...

Carys Whittaker, also known as BusyBeeCarys online, rose to fame online as a fitness influencer.

Beginning her career as an influencer, Carys began documenting her health and fitness journey, but has since ventured into fashion and lifestyle, too.

After starting up her YouTube channel in 2016, it didn’t take long for Carys to gain a large and loyal following on all social media platforms. Using YouTube to post fun and innovative videos on fashion including hauls, seasonal outfit looks as well as wedding dress shopping. Carys also shared the build up to her wedding day and a trailer to their wedding video.

Carys also regularly uses Instagram to document life with her husband James and has recently announced that they are expecting their first baby. On Instagram, Carys keeps her followers updated with her health and fitness journey, encouraging people to feel body confident and happy with the skin they’re in.

Also recognised as a fashion influencer, Carys shares photos of her favourite outfits as well as documenting her travels around the world.

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