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About Gabriel Sey...

Starting off his journey to fame as a champion natural bodybuilder/powerlifter, Gabriel is now highly regarded for his YouTube channel where he shares educational, fitness and nutrition-based content with a touch of comedy. Gabriel is also a parenting influencer and often shares his personal experiences of fatherhood.

Before rising to fame in the world of fitness, Gabriel became a level 3 qualified personal trainer back in the early 2000’s which ultimately kickstarted him on his road to fitness influencing.

Gabriel now refers to himself as The Active Black Dad. This is because Gabriel remains active in all elements of his life including the gym, as a husband and as a father. This is something he takes immense pride in, and rightfully so!

Regularly posting on Instagram, Gabriel loves to share photos posing and smiling with his family, as well as motivational fitness posts to keep you inspired on your fitness journey.

Gabriel, alongside his wife Nyisha, also runs a lifestyle and challenge vlog that features their adorable children, Elijah and Ezrah.

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