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About Jen Selter...

Jen Selter is an acclaimed online celebrity who has enjoyed massive success as a fitness influencer. Inspiring fitness fanatics throughout various parts of the world, Jen's work has helped to establish her name as a top social media influencer.

Sharing exciting content across numerous social media platforms - including Instagram, YouTube and Twitter - Jen helps her followers take their fitness efforts to the next level. Her platform played an important role in bringing fitness influencers into the mainstream, attracting a community of like-minded people looking to learn more about health and fitness.

Having found her way into fitness as a way of relieving stress, Jen originally took to social media in the hope of finding encouragement. Her content quickly drew attention, helping to inspire others to embark on their very own fitness journey. Today, Jen enjoys popularity as a fitness advisor and instructor, delivering a range of fitness routines across her own channels and the Fitplan app.

Jen's mission is to help followers of all shapes and sizes to become the very best version of themselves. She does this by laying a particular focus on positivity, helping her audience to stay motivated and inspired on their journey towards greater physical and mental fitness. As a role model for followers everywhere, Jen has also been able to inspire her fans in other areas, offering advice on lifestyle, nutrition and more. As a result, her name has become synonymous with versatility.

To date, Jen has featured in many respected publications. Her work has been picked up by iconic media outlets such as Women's Health, Vanity Fair, The New York Post, Cosmopolitan and Elite Daily, further strengthening her reputation as a major player in online fitness.

As a renowned fitness icon, Jen has collaborated with a variety of brands as part of their influencer marketing campaigns. One of her best-known endorsements saw her team up with fitness equipment company Circus Fitness. Jen has also worked with many other well-known brands in fitness and fashion, collaborating with the likes of New Balance, Lululemon and Nike. Offering brands access to scores of fitness enthusiasts, Jen has helped to significantly raise the public profile of every brand she has worked with.

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