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About Bettina's Kitchen...

Bettina is a renowned baking and lifestyle influencer with a penchant for plant-based and ‘free-from’ recipes. Passionate about harnessing the power of plant foods, she employs straightforward principles and local produce to create food that not only tastes good but also promotes wellbeing. Her creations are seasonal and crafted with love, embodying her belief in the healing power of plants.

In her work with high-profile brands and the hospitality industry, Bettina is committed to exploring the vast possibilities of plant-based cuisine. She has authored two acclaimed cookbooks, Happy Food and 7 Day Vegan Challenge, with Celebrate being her latest publication. This book is a testament to her ability to create inclusive, plant-based recipes that are perfect for any celebration, ensuring that everyone can enjoy delicious food without compromising on taste.

Bettina's expertise and vibrant personality have not gone unnoticed, garnering positive reviews from The Times, The Guardian, and Metro, as well as securing her spots on television programs like The Food Network and ITV’s James Martin’s Saturday Morning. Additionally, she hosts retreats in Bali and collaborates with the retreat company Reclaim Yourself, taking her culinary skills to amazing destinations worldwide.

Her influence extends to aspiring chefs through her Retreat Chef Academy, a highly sought-after 7-day course where she shares her knowledge, experience, and passion for food. Currently, Bettina is working on an exciting new project, The Retreat Agency, in collaboration with Reclaim Yourself co-founder Jools.

Bettina’s culinary journey began in her multicultural childhood, where she developed a deep appreciation for fresh produce and the art of cooking. From haggling in Tanzanian markets to watching her relatives cook in Bulgaria and Sweden, Bettina’s childhood was steeped in rich food experiences that have shaped her approach to cooking and life.

Today, Bettina’s Kitchen encompasses a wide range of services, including food and yoga retreats, plant-based cooking workshops, recipe development, and food writing. Her commitment to seasonal, local, and waste-free cooking is evident in all her work, as she continues to inspire others to embrace plant-based living, celebrate good food, and create lasting memories around the dining table.

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