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Janusz Domagała is best known for his appearance on Channel 4’s favourite baking reality show, The Great British Bake Off. Reaching the semi-finals, the Polish personal assistant picked up two ‘Star Baker’ awards along the way and became somewhat of a viewer favourite.

Moving to the UK ten years ago, Janusz found a passion for baking through his mother. After watching her bake every Saturday growing up, Janusz decided to carry on this tradition when he left home and moved to university.

Now living on the Southeast coast with his boyfriend Simon and their adorable sausage dog, Nigel, Janusz has amassed an incredible following on his Instagram page, where he keeps his community up to date on what he’s doing and his latest bakes.

Outside of the world of baking, Janusz also has passions for drag as well as collecting movie props.

Proud of his heritage, Janusz loves to work his favourite Polish ingredients into renowned British staples.

Apart of the LGBTQ+ community, and being inspirational to many, Janusz has been nominated for the Gaydio Pride Awards 2023 LGBTQ+ Champion of the Year after his impressive run in the famous white tent.

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