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Matt Adlard is a testament to the belief that passion can be discovered later in life and can lead to unparalleled success. Hailing from Norwich, England, where food was deeply intertwined with his family fabric due to his father being a Michelin star chef, Matt's initial culinary endeavours were surprisingly lacklustre. Unlike his father, the young Adlard was disinterested in the culinary arts, not venturing into the realm of baking until his early twenties.

Despite the culinary DNA he possessed, Matt's first trysts with baking were riddled with burnt cakes and unappetising pastries. But instead of being disheartened, he took to the internet, engrossing himself in online tutorials and trying his hand at various recipes. As his confidence grew, Matt embarked on an unexpected journey: he began the 'Topless Baker' blog, which in a short span gained international fame. A combination of his charismatic presence and his unique baking style made him a sensation, with videos going viral and offers pouring in from across the globe.

From collaborating with celebrities like Snooki in New York City to conducting demonstrations in Mexico, 'Topless Baker' became a global brand. However, after four years at its helm, Matt felt the need to redefine himself and retired the Topless Baker persona. Re-emerging as Matt Adlard, he expanded his horizons, judging on America’s Food Network, baking live on UK's Saturday Kitchen and introducing his online baking school, 'Bake It Better'.

Matt's approach to baking is refreshingly candid. Having experienced the ups and downs of the process, he aims to make baking an accessible and fun experience for all. With appearances on the BBC, Channel 4 and Food Network, and authoring the book 'Bake It Better', Matt’s repertoire is impressive. Moreover, his collaborations with renowned brands like Baileys, Kitchen Aid, AEG and Nespresso highlight his influence in the baking world. From sponge cakes to eclairs and bread, Matt Adlard is truly a baking influencer whose journey inspires many to follow their culinary dreams.

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