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About Cat Meffan...

Inspiring others to follow in her footsteps towards fitness and health perfection, Cat Meffan has set a precedent for all other yogis to adhere to.

Cat has a great passion for fitness that stemmed from her love/hate relationship with it when she first began, making her a relatable character for many people. Over time, Cat began finding ways of exercising that appealed more to her. She grew an obsession for yoga and has since learned to enjoy running and other fitness routines.

Combining nutritional, diet, yoga and fitness advice and displaying them to her fans in an engaging manner, Cat has established herself as one of the leading fitness influencers and vloggers

Through her yoga tutorials, travel vlogs and lifestyle sneak peaks, Cat has become renowned in the field. Through posting creative content on a regular basis and providing useful tips and routines - her status has soared.

Stylish and dedicated to her craft, Cat's commitment has given light to a number of brand collaborations. She has worked with brands such as Nike, Zico Coconut Water and Sweaty Betty.

Through Cat's influencer marketing campaigns, endorsements and product launches, brands are able to become more accessible to their target audience. Her videos offer a real glimpse of her healthy lifestyle, proving popular to followers.

Together with her fitness videos which have combined meditation, yoga, balance and stretching, Cat shares her healthy food recipes and her thoughts on themes of self-love, animal testing, friendship, anxiety and more.

Due to her consistent delivery of informative and entertaining material and her work at yoga retreats, she has become hugely popular with her growing following.

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