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Alexandra Cane made a splash when she entered the 2018 Love Island villa as a bombshell arrival.

Now, almost two years on, Alexandra is a highly sought-after social media star and influencer. As a qualified makeup artist, the brunette beauty has worked with a number of famous faces, from models to music artists which helped her social media platforms to grow significantly.

As an avid user of Instagram, Alexandra regularly shares her love of fashion and beauty as she posts snaps sporting her favourite outfits and sharing her must-have makeup products.

Since leaving the Love Island villa, Alexandra has been on quite the fitness journey. In a bit to help her physical and mental health, she made some positive lifestyle changes which led to her dropping an incredible two stone in weight. Not only this, Alexandra has stated that since living a healthier lifestyle, she has struggled less with her mental health.

Aiming to help others on their own fitness journey, Alexandra has created her very own health and fitness plan, Alexandra’s Happy Body with a dedicated Instagram account to go with it. With healthy eating plans and easy to follow workout routines, the plan is sure to be a huge success! Alexandra's feed is often filled with short and snappy workout clips, styling videos, OOTD's and glam selfies.

More recently, Alexandra become the co-founder of her very own range of premium activewear, The Mila Tribe.

Hugely into travel, Alexandra has travelled the world all by herself. Encouraging solo travel, she also documented her experiences for all to see. Regularly sharing swoon-worthy snaps from luxurious trips around the world, Alexandra's feed has something for everyone.

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