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About Reev...

Oliver Fletcher-Warrington, widely recognised as Reev, has emerged as a dynamic and talented gaming influencer in the UK, adeptly combining his passions for gaming and fitness. With a significant following of over 1.2 million across various social media platforms, Reev has cultivated a unique brand that appeals to both fitness enthusiasts and FIFA gamers. His content is not only engaging and entertaining but also educational, particularly on his fitness channel where he offers tips on weight loss, muscle gain, and workout motivation. His Fitness February series, featuring challenges with other renowned YouTubers like KSI and W2S, further underscores his inventive approach to content creation.

Reev's expertise in FIFA Ultimate Team content showcased on his main channel, has garnered widespread attention. He's known for his engaging FIFA series 'Reus to Glory', which features Mini Marco, a toy replica of his favourite Borussia Dortmund player, Marco Reus. This series exemplifies his ability to blend personal interests with engaging content, making him a standout figure in the gaming community. His participation in the Wembley Cup in 2018 with Rebel FC further highlights his real-life engagement with the sport, adding authenticity to his gaming content.

What sets Reev apart is not just his content creation skills but also his versatility as a presenter and a fully qualified personal trainer. His collaborations with prominent brands like Myprotein, EA Sports, PUMA, and Arsenal Football Club speak to his wide appeal and diverse skill set. As part of Team DSM's roster, he brings a unique blend of experience that is attractive to various brands and platforms.

Recently, Reev has expanded his influence by co-hosting the podcast 'Pitch Side' with Theo Baker. This venture into podcasting, where they discuss football with various guests, highlights his adeptness at diversifying his content and engaging with his audience in new and innovative ways. As a friend and associate of The Sidemen, another popular group in the online space, Reev leverages these connections to enhance his content and expand his reach, solidifying his position as a prominent and talented gaming influencer.

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