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As the world of technology evolves perpetually, there is an emergence of tech gurus who share their expertise throughout their popular digital channels and keep us up to date with the latest tech news. Also seen as tech influencers, these tech enthusiasts deliver highly demanded, informative content for those who know little to no information regarding the complex technology world. Amongst these is Ryan O’Neill, a technology expert who dedicates his channel, BeginnersTech, for fellow tech buffs who are new to the developing phenomena.

Whilst BeginnersTech is active on multiple digital platforms, its YouTube channel has the seen greatest success with is over 94k subscribers and a total view count of 9 million. These impressive numbers are a result of the engaging content that Ryan shares across his social media channels, where he continues to update his followers on the latest technological discussions, issues, debates and more. On top of this, he frequently features products reviews on the latest mobile devices, gaming consoles, PCs and monitors. Once he is finished reviewing the latest gadgets, he creates PC build guides and gaming tutorials as well as tutorials on the most popular apple and android products on the market.

Keeping up with the technology market’s active current, Ryan attends tech events and conferences such as Next At Acer, whilst documenting his experience on his social media channels, updating fans on current affairs.

Aside from running several successful social media platforms, Ryan has also launched his own BeginnersTech website - the ultimate hub for technology enthusiasts to delve into the world of cutting-edge devices, the latest software, hardware reviews, and FAQ discussion boards. To keep his fans entertained he often runs giveaways and posts gameplays and tutorials - a popular technological phenomena pioneered by world-famous gaming influencers such as PewDiePie.

Being amongst the pool of some of the world’s most renowned technology icons, the influencer industry is no doubt a competitive market when it comes to technology and gaming. However, Ryan’s content stands out from the crowd as he successfully fills the gap in the market for creating content which is useful for technology newbies who are eager to take their first step into the world.

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