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About Zone of Tech...

Zone of Tech is a technology and gadget focused YouTube channel run by tech guru Daniel. Featuring gadget unboxing videos and reviews, as well as a focus on Apple devices, Zone of Tech is now one of the largest UK based technology channels.

After completing his degree in computer science and computer systems engineering, combined with posting his first YouTube video in August 2012, Daniel turned his passion into a full-time career. The decision quickly paid off, as Zone of Tech quickly began to grow in subscribers.

From testing out products and providing in-depth reviews to comparing phone models, pricing and technical specifications in informative videos, Zone of Tech covers a wide range of content. In fact, it is a go-to platform for thousands of people who are in the market for a new piece of technology.

With an industry insight into all things tech, Daniel is able to provide his audience with genuine and authentic information, helping people to make informed decisions when purchasing their next phone, laptop and any other gadgets.

One of his most popular YouTube series includes the “FINAL Leak & Rumours” series, which sees him reviewing the latest news and reports on unreleased devices. This makes for some juicy content, especially for tech enthusiasts!

Taking his level of influence to the next level, Daniel also has a Zone of Tech website, where people can read useful articles and catch up with industry news.

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