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Super Saf


About Super Saf...

SuperSaf is an online technology influencer whose name is becoming taking the online world by storm. Originally from Leicester, this Midlands star has worked his way up the digital ladder to becoming a nationally renowned influencer within the technology industry. With over 1.2 million subscribers and 229 million total views on his YouTube channel, this internet sensation is no doubt one of the nation’s leading technology experts, whose influence is reaching global scales.

With YouTube as his tech hub, SuperSaf acts as a technology guru for fellow enthusiasts, and even for those who need support in choosing the right product. It is undeniable that the speed of which technology advances is overwhelming to us all - and thus, SuperSaf’s growing presence on social media accounts for his ability to discuss the global trends and top products that emerge within the market. Effectively, he becomes a leading voice in the world of technology and helps those who need clear, coherent yet detailed guidance on the latest items on the market that facilitates their everyday lives and personal needs.

By staying attentive to the market’s circulation, SuperSaf’s videos gain immense popularity as he conducts product comparisons, reviews on the most exclusive and innovative products, unboxing videos, massive tech hauls and more. He also collaborates with some of the internet’s biggest tech stars such as iJustine, as well as doing Q&A videos where he is able to deliver the most frequently asked questions to fans regarding technology and himself. Despite his involvement within the technology industry and his commercial awareness surrounding the currently circulating tech discussions, SuperSaf strays from keeping his content strictly professional and tech-based. Although this is his channel’s predominant image, he stays active and engaged with his followers through vlogs and videos that allow the world to get to know the influencer a little more than just on surface-level.

His growing influence has enabled him to become an ideal partner for multiple brands and companies worldwide that wish to collab with the influencer and gain a stronger reach within his audience. Companies such as Huawei Mobile UK and Bosch partner with Saf through sponsored and promotional videos that he shares through his platforms. Although his interests lie primarily within the technology sector, he expresses his interest in travel and lifestyle throughout his Instagram posts, making him an all-round influencer who brands and companies can easily work with in promoting products or expanding their businesses.

To book SuperSaf to work with your brand or to discover more about working with social media influencers, simply contact Influencer Matchmaker via email at Alternatively, call one of our dedicated matchmakers on 0203 9580 427.

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