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About The Tech Chap...

Tom Honeyands, also known as The Tech Chap, is a technology icon who has gained solid popularity across multiple digital media channels and social media platforms. With YouTube being his main domain for sharing content, he frequently posts videos sharing the latest tech news, as well as tech reviews, tech tips, PS hardware, unboxing videos, buying guides and tech tutorials. His wide array of video content successfully meets the demands of technology enthusiasts around the world who want to keep up with the latest tech trends and discussions that are circulating around the internet.

As well as his informative content, Tom keeps his fans engaged with his work as he often participates in giveaways and competitions that he promotes throughout videos on his channel. In the past, he has partnered with brands such as Beginners Tech, ASUS ROG, PC CENTRIC and Zotac to give followers the chance to win some of the newest and most exclusive products on the market. In this way, he successfully endorses various brands and technology companies in collaborating them to boost their market expansion and in return receives a stronger following from dedicated tech fans

With his fan base stretching overseas, his YouTube channel has acquired over half a million subscribers, as well as accumulating a total of over 112 million views across his videos. These staggering numbers continue to increase as the influencer engages in more and more collaborative work with brands, as well as keeping up to date with the latest tech trends. Not only does he satisfy the needs of the fellow enthusiasts, but he appeals to those who would like to find out more about the technology world.

Despite having a strong presence on YouTube, Tom’s influence extends to further platforms such as Instagram and Facebook where he keeps fans up to date with newly posted content. He displays an interest in more than just technology and gaming, as his Instagram posts show off his travel experiences as he takes photographs of scenic landscapes using high-quality cameras and tech products. By incorporating his technological expertise with his love for travel, he becomes a suitable business partner not only for brands and companies specialising in more than just one sector or industry.

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