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About What Gear...

What Gear is a popular technology platform run by technology influencer and social media marketer Troy Ramtohul. With over 35k subscribers on YouTube and 11 millions views across the channel, What Gear delivers content ranging from smartphones, audio tech and sony reviews, as well as unboxing videos, gaming videos, tech podcasts and more. According to Troy, What Gear’s mission is to ‘deliver the finest reviews known to man’.

With an active presence on multiple social media channels, Troy engages followers from across the UK and beyond by sharing updates on the latest tech news. He utilises his following to engage in the most prominent topics that circulate the virtual world and delivers highly demanded content to thousands of dedicated fans who contribute to his 19,000,000 watched minutes on YouTube.

As a keen tech enthusiast and industry expert, Troy frequently attends popular technology events around the country and shares his experiences to his followers throughout his social media, sharing the highlights and product discussions on his platform. Over the years he has attended some the biggest events in the tech world, including Gamescon, Xperia Z5 Launch Event and VR in a Bar.

As well as keeping his followers updated on the latest tech news, the popular tech influencer is keen to involve his fans in his work and offers an array of personal services. Engaging followers further, he often partakes in giveaways throughout his Instagram channels as well as his website, conducting competitions to give away some of the most highly demanded products within the technology market.

Staying active on all his social media channels, Troy fills his Instagram with snapshots of different landscapes and pictures taken by the cameras and smartphones he reviews and compares. This gives followers a visual guideline of each product’s performance as he allows us to see the comparisons through a first-person perspective. Whilst giving his own reviews and opinions on an array of products, his comparison images allows fans to make their own judgement as to which product serves what purpose and allows himself to become a reliable judge of all things tech.

To collaborate with What Gear or to find out more about working with social media influencers, simply contact Influencer Matchmaker via email at contact@influencermatchmaker.co.uk. Alternatively, call one of our dedicated matchmakers on 0203 9580 427.

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