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About Unbox Therapy...

Unbox Therapy is an ‘unboxing’ and technology-focused YouTube channel. Produced by Lewis Hilsenteger and Jack McCann, Lewis is the face of the channel whilst Jack is behind the scenes.

With over 16 million subscribers and more than three billion views on YouTube alone, this Canadian channel is amongst the most popular in the world for gadgets and technology.

Having always been interested in tech, Lewis previously owned an Apple repair store. With a new wave of ‘unboxing’ videos swarming the web, in 2010, Lewis and Jack decided to create their own channel to demonstrate their love of unboxing the newest releases in technology. Channels such as Unbox Therapy allows viewers to witness an unboxing of some of the latest releases in the industry, inspiring their future purchases.

Keeping fans in suspense about the face behind the camera, Lewis and Jack kept their viewers guessing until they reached the milestone of 10 million subscribers when they eventually revealed Jack’s identity.

Described as addictive, therapeutic and exciting, unboxing videos are taking over the internet with Unbox Therapy at the very forefront. With videos such as ‘The World’s Loudest Wireless Speaker’, ‘Apple Airpods Pro Unboxing’ and ‘The Fastest Charging Smartphone In The World’, Unbox Therapy provides honest reviews, comparisons and unboxings of the very latest products within the gadget and technology industry.

The tech-duo also uploads snippets of their latest content to Instagram. They use the platform to post slightly more chatty and informal videos via IGTV, including ‘What’s In My Gadget Bag’ and ‘Is Blackberry Back?’.

To collaborate with Unbox Therapy or to find out more about how technology influencers can impact your brand’s marketing campaigns, contact Influencer Matchmaker via email at contact@influencermatchmaker.co.uk. Alternatively, call one of our dedicated matchmakers on 0203 9580 427.

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