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About Clare Siobhan Callery...

Having built up more than a million subscribers over the course of her YouTube career, Clare Siobhan's gaming adventures have seen her enjoy a meteoric rise through the influencer ranks. Delivering a mix of content with a strong focus on games such as The Sims 4 and Pokemon, Clare has achieved significant success to date.

An inspiration to young gamers across the globe, Clare's playthroughs and reaction videos make for hours of hilarious entertainment. Regularly interacting with her viewers, Clare's loveable personality has helped her acquire a massive online following. With most of her videos regularly picking up six-figure viewer counts, her ventures into the areas of gaming have proven to be very rewarding indeed.

Some of Clare's most entertaining content sees her provide viewers with regular updates on her progress through one of the most iconic life simulation games of all time - The Sims. Giving viewers the opportunity to follow along with the adventures of her virtual family, Clare's in-depth treatment of the game sets her apart from every other gaming influencer around today.

Establishing a connection with each of her Sims characters, viewers love to check in on what Clare is up to next. From the characters' new houses to their latest looks, each of the characters come to life in a fascinating and engaging way. Her characters' exciting lives see them go on dates, pursue their hobbies and make life-changing decisions, and Clare is there to document each and every step.

A passionate gamer, Clare has also created videos covering a vast array of other games. Playing titles such as Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Minecraft, House Flipper, Two Point Hospital and Subnautica, Clare's channel is a haven for gamers looking to get fascinating insight into some of their favourite games.

Due to her immense popularity in the digital sphere, Clare's work has marked her out as an ideal collaborator for brands looking to tap into the power of influencer marketing campaigns. Backed by more than a million dedicated followers, Clare has played a crucial role in inspiring young gamers to embark on their own gaming adventures. Today, her legion of fans continues to expand at a rapid pace, ensuring that she'll continue to enjoy her reputation as an iconic social media influencer.

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