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About Vik Barns - Vikkstar123...

Vik Barns, or as he is more commonly known, Vikkstar123 is a British YouTuber and gamer who is best known for creating a variety of content about all thing’s games, including Minecraft and Call of Duty. Vik is also recognised for his fun commentary style videos.

With three YouTube channels, Vik has accrued millions of subscribers and his channels have amassed an incredible 3.2 billion views and has truly made his mark on the gaming industry.

Vik’s journey began in 2010 when he uploaded his first YouTube video which consisted of him playing the latest title in the Call of Duty franchise. Since then, Vik has posted thousands of videos across his channels. Vik’s most viewed videos are of a Minecraft song, and a football video in collaboration with his friends. Both videos have been viewed more than 26 million times. 

During 2013, Vikkstar123, along with his friends and fellow YouTubers, became the Sidemen, one of the most recognised and viewed groups on YouTube. With their very own channel, the Sideman have more than 10 million subscribers. The Sidemen have since created a clothing brand and taken part in a number of events, including their very own charity football matches, which have been a huge success.

Today, Vikkstar123 can be found playing games, streaming on Twitch, collaborating with The Sidemen and even winning Call of Duty competitions for impressive cash prizes. More recently, Vik became co-owner of the esteemed London Royal Ravens E-Sports team.

Alongside his YouTube channel, Vikkstar123’s Instagram shows off his lavish lifestyle where he regularly travels the world, sharing snaps from Spain, Greece, Mexico and the Netherlands.

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