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Amongst one of the viral kid influencers within the digital sphere is gaming icon Fruity, whose channel became one of the most popular hubs for gaming and tech enthusiasts. This young influencer has already accumulated a strong following of over 410k on his YouTube channel and over 56 million views in total across his videos. The numbers continue to augment as the gaming icon keeps abreast of the current trends that circulate the gaming world and the modern tech market, delivering highly demanded content to his already dedicated following.

Focusing on popular gaming titles such as Rocket League and Fortnite, Fruity is behind one of the most popular domains for focused gameplays, tutorials, lengthy playthroughs and more. From short-and-sweet 2 minute clips delivering tips and tricks and gaming hacks, to 2 hour long detailed playthroughs, Fruity delivers a range of different videos catering to his viewer’s needs. Alongside his informative content, his popularity also derives from the light-hearted nature of his videos as he incorporates humour and entertainment throughout his channel. Through regularly posting game-related prank videos and challenges throughout his channel, he effectively caters to larger audiences; this allows his channel to be an entertaining space for more than just Fornite and Rocket League fans. The gaming influencer allows fans to stay engaged in his work as he conducts Q&As where he answers questions relating to the gaming world, as well as giving followers a glimpse of his own personal life.

While YouTube is his dominant channel for creating and sharing content, Fruity often takes to Twitter to engage with his fans and pose gaming-related discussion questions. He allows fans to be involved in his videos by featuring their names and discussions into his content, and has thus accumulated a following of over 11k across his other social media pages. He also utilises his platform to engage in giveaways for fans, using all of his digital media channels to encourage fans in engaging in competitions and product giveaways.

Due to the trend-focused nature of Fruity’s channel, he becomes an ideal gaming influencer for more than just one specific audience; he allows viewers of all ages to be able to enjoy and learn from his content. In this way, Fruity becomes a fitting influencer as he allows his content to be accessible to the general public, facilitating efficient marketing strategies for gaming brands and businesses who wish to collaborate with the young influencer.

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