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About PewDiePie...

The name PewDiePie will be known to many both within the world of influencers and outside it. As the creator of one of the most-subscribed YouTube channels of all time (having racked up more than 69 million followers on the video-sharing platform alone), iconic social media influencer Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg is the biggest star ever to have graced the digital landscape.

Having dropped out of college, Felix decided to pursue a career as a YouTube personality and gaming influencer. His channel PewDiePie was born in 2010, and Felix quickly began creating first-class content. Rising to prominence through his hilarious gaming videos, the channel had surpassed a million subscribers within the space of just two years.

His gaming commentary proved to be incredibly entertaining to gaming enthusiasts all over the world. PewDiePie's famous Let's Play series saw him tackle a wide range of games, laying a particular focus on games in the horror and action genres. Not long after, he also branched out into other genres, and viewers continued to enjoy his hilarious playthroughs and reactions. Since then, his video content has also branched out into live-action, comedy and more.

Today, PewDiePie's digital credentials are unsurpassed. His channel has continued to hold the record as the most-viewed channel on all of YouTube, having amassed an astonishing 19 billion views to date. His legion of fans - who are often referred to as 'the Bro Army' - see him as a valued partner in their own gaming adventures. As a result, his fame has helped to drive the success of numerous indie games, with the sales of various games having surged as soon as he plays them.

As a result of his online success, Felix has been presented with a string of awards over the course of his career. He was famously named one of 'The World's 100 Most Influential People' by Time Magazine back in 2016, and given his massive influence, it's easy to see why. As if that weren't enough, his gaming exploits have also won him titles at the Golden Joystick Awards, the Streamy Awards, the Teen Choice Awards and the Starcount Social Star Awards.

Given his status as the most famous social media influencer of all time, it's no surprise that countless brands have teamed up with Felix for their influencer marketing campaigns. To date, he has worked with the likes of Razer and Origin PC, helping to increase awareness of their brand with dedicated gamers across the globe.

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