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About Miniminter...

Miniminter is a British YouTuber and gamer who is best known for his commentary style videos and vlogs featuring the widely popular game FIFA. With two YouTube channels, Simon has accumulated millions of subscribers and his channel has grown to unprecedented heights.

Simon began his journey to internet stardom after posting his first video in 2012. Since then, he has gone on to create hundreds of videos for his subscribers, including challenge videos such as “Try Not To Laugh” videos and of course, FIFA-related content.

Miniminter is a part of the Sidemen group, which sees collaborating with other famous YouTubers including KSI and W2S. As well as regularly uploading videos to his YouTube channel, Simon also live streams on Twitch, playing competitive video games against friends and other creators.

One of the highlights of Miniminters career was being the captain of the Sidemen football cup in the charity football match against the YouTube All-stars - an event that will go down in YouTube history.

His natural flair of FIFA campaigns and impressive presence on YouTube has seen Simon collaborate with other high profile YouTubers, as well as collaborate with both sports and gaming related brands.

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