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About W2S...

Harry Lewis, or more commonly known by his YouTube alias W2S, is a British YouTube gameplay commentator who primarily focuses on FIFA content. Regularly uploading FIFA gameplay footage for his millions of subscribers, W2S is one of the most popular FIFA gaming influencers of all time.

Harry created his world-renowned YouTube channel back in 2012 and quickly saw the subscribers flooding in as a result of his funny, entertaining and relatable content.

His channel quickly went from strength to strength as W2S became part of The Ultimate Sidemen, one of the most established and elite groups within the YouTube community. This was one of Harry’s biggest achievements in his career, as he was only 16 years of age at the time of joining.

Some of his most popular videos include his FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) Pack Opening videos, which sees his hilarious reactions to some of the cards he gets in a pack. As well as this, he regularly entertains his viewers with sports-related challenges and even comedic “diss tracks”.

With his genuine personality, great sense of humour and of course, his undeniable gaming talent, it’s no surprise that Harry is one of the most subscribed-to YouTube channels in the UK.

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