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About Tom Cassell, Syndicate...

Tom Cassell, or as he is better known, Syndicate, is a YouTuber, vlogger and streamer and has become a global phenomenon in the online world of gaming and YouTube.

Rising to fame following the creation of his YouTube channel titled TheSyndicateProject, Tom has been at the forefront of the online industry for over a decade. Well-known for sharing a variety of gameplay videos including Halo and Call of Duty: Black Ops as well as his popular series The Minecraft Project, Tom appeals to a wide audience.

After finishing his A-Levels, Tom’s online platforms became so popular that he decided against attending university in order to concentrate on the development of his YouTube channel.

Tom also has a second channel on YouTube which he uses to document his days, regularly uploading daily vlogs, titled Life of Tom. From home days, behind the scenes of work as well as sharing his travels and holidays to destinations including the Caribbean, Iceland, Italy and Los Angeles, Tom shares it all with his loyal fans.

In 2018, Tom created his third YouTube channel, Syndicate RoyaleFortnite, dedicated to battle royale games such as Fortnite.

Tom is a regular user of Instagram and often takes to the platform to share snippets of his busy and chaotic lifestyle as one of the world’s most well-known influencers, as well as giving fans an insight into his luxurious Manchester home.

YouTube isn’t the only platform that Tom has a hugely loyal following on. He’s also grown in popularity on the streaming service Twitch, in which he became the first user to reach one million followers. Tom was also the voice of Loki in the mobile game Marvel Avengers Academy.

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