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About Lyndsay Voong...

Lyndsay Voong is a dynamic and creative content creator based in Norfolk, who has carved a niche for herself in the realm of home maintenance, particularly focusing on cleaning hacks and motivation. Over the years, Lyndsay has cultivated an impressive following, reaching over 150K enthusiasts on Instagram. Her content stands out for being not just informative but also fun and engaging, aiming to be both relatable and amusing for her audience.

Lyndsay’s Instagram showcases an array of cool cleaning gadgets and her experiences with new and seasonal cleaning products. This approach reflects her commitment to keeping her content fresh and relevant, drawing viewers into the everyday aspects of maintaining a clean and organised home. Her expertise and innovative take on cleaning have made her a go-to source for those looking to add some flair and efficiency to their cleaning routines.

Beyond just sharing tips and hacks, Lyndsay's collaboration with global brands speaks volumes about her ability to create engaging content. Her portfolio includes collaborations with esteemed names such as Astonish, P&G, Unilever, Flymo, and M&S. These partnerships underscore her appeal and effectiveness as a content creator in home and cleaning-related campaigns.

Lyndsay's journey into content creation is as inspiring as her content. Her venture began during the challenging times of lockdown, a period marked by her facing redundancy. This adversity sparked her passion for photography, styling, and DIY projects, leading to the birth of a unique and compelling social media presence. Her knowledge of ever-changing algorithms further enhances her ability to produce high-quality content that resonates with her audience and maximises engagement.

Overall, Lyndsay Voong exemplifies the power of turning a challenging situation into an opportunity for growth and success. Her journey from redundancy to becoming a celebrated social media influencer and collaborator with major brands is a testament to her creativity, resilience, and expertise in content creation.

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