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About Lynsey Queen of Clean...

Lynsey Queen of Clean stands out as the UK's premier homecare expert, gracing screens nationwide on ITV’s This Morning. Her prolific appearances on television don't stop there, with regular features on Channel 5’s Gadget Show and Ireland’s The Today Show. But it’s not only the TV screen that’s familiar with Lynsey’s expertise. Her insights spill over to print and digital media with columns in Home Style Magazine and the Daily Express.

Nestled in Cambridgeshire, Lynsey cherishes her time with family: twins Mollie and Olivia, son Jake, supportive husband Rob and her cherished canine, Hetty Boo. Beyond her cleaning acumen, Lynsey is celebrated for her impeccable fashion sense. Known as the Queen of dresses, she effortlessly combines her penchant for elegant frocks with quirky white trainers. This unique blend of style and substance resonates with her viewers, who avidly follow her for both fashion inspiration and cleaning advice.

But Lynsey's journey to her current stature wasn't always smooth. With challenges in her twenties, she channelled her drive and ambition, metamorphosing into a triumphant entrepreneur. Today, she stands as a testament to perseverance, ever eager to support and inspire others in their quests for success. Her exuberance for cleaning mirrors her vibrant, optimistic outlook on life. Whether it's imparting tips on tackling spider season, ensuring showers shine or making bedrooms clutter-free, Lynsey's advice is golden.

Beyond her role as a TV presenter and homecare guru, Lynsey wears the hat of a prolific author. With four best-selling titles to her name, her recent offering, "The 15 Minute Clean" stands testimony to her prowess. Her books, laden with practical home hacks and cleaning strategies, serve as a beacon for those seeking an organised, radiant life. From 'How To Clean Your House' to seasonal specials like 'How To Clean Your House At Christmas' Lynsey's literary contributions solidify her reign as the undisputed Queen of Clean, ensuring homes everywhere gleam and sparkle.

As a successful entrepreneur, TV presenter and author of four best-selling books brimming with practical cleaning and organising tips, Lynsey's expertise is unmatched. Her versatile skills and vast experience ensure she's the perfect choice as a cleaning influencer.

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