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Ann Russell, the vibrant presence known as 'The TikTok Auntie' to her massive 2.2 million followers, is a beacon of practical wisdom in the realm of lifestyle and cleaning. Bursting forth from the tapestry of everyday people, Ann is a proud “middle-class English old bag” who has embraced TikTok's platform to share indispensable advice on cleaning and life itself. Her candid insights into laundry mishaps and personal anecdotes on navigating grief make her an endearing figure to her fans.

Despite her newfound fame, Ann remains committed to authenticity. Meeting her in person is like watching one of her TikToks come to life – she’s straightforward, approachable and entirely without pretence. Reflecting on the pristine perfection often portrayed on social media, Ann is determined to create an environment where people don't feel ashamed or pressured by unattainable standards.

Her commitment to being non-judgmental stems from an astute understanding of societal pressures. Recognising how "cleanliness is next to godliness" has been weaponised against marginalised communities, she advocates for an inclusive approach. After all, in Ann's words, “We’re all different. It’s what makes the world very interesting”. Interestingly, her foray into TikTok wasn’t initially for cleaning tips. It began as an innocent attempt to "stalk a teenage niece". But fate had other plans, and now she's not only a TikTok sensation but also the author of the books, How To Clean Everything and How To Save Money. Through her books and TikTok videos, she aims to assist those navigating adulting for the first time, inspired by her own experiences.

Ann's tales from her youthful days – like the revelation that hot water is essential for effective dishwashing – are heartwarming, capturing her evolution from a naive 17-year-old to the present day. With her insights, many can find solace and guidance, proving that sometimes, the best influencers are those who share their journey, imperfections and all. Hiring Ann ensures genuine, relatable and experienced insights in the cleaning domain.

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