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Karen, better known online as The Middle Aged Blogger, is an influencer with a passion for all things interior design. Her large social media presence has allowed her to keep her followers up to date with multiple housing projects and in turn has become an individual who can offer advice to budding design enthusiasts like herself.

The mum of two from Kent shares everything that she gets up to on a normal day. From current renovations and gardening to cleaning and cooking, Karen’s content displays, what she calls, as the “general life of a middle aged woman”.

On recently moving to a twenty six acre farm, Karen is going to be keeping her highly engaged following up to date as she goes on a renovation journey alongside her husband and their family.

Karen also has a blog called “Cherry Oak Manor” in which she is using to share her new house renovation journey, turning her house into her dream home. The blog includes updates on the house, the best cleaning products, home style looks (and links to their shops), honest brand reviews, travel reviews and delicious food recipes.

With an ever-growing following and having already collaborated with well established brands, Karen is a great influencer for your next interior design marketing campaign.

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