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About The Organised Mum (Gemma Bray)...

Gemma Bray aka The Organised Mum, is not just an ordinary household name; she is a beacon of inspiration for countless parents and homeowners worldwide. The Sunday Times Bestselling author of The Organised Mum Method, she has transformed countless lives by reshaping how people approach not only housekeeping but also their daily routines.

Imagine being a new mother, feeling overwhelmed and channelling that anxiety into over-cleaning to the point of exhaustion - that was Gemma 15 years ago. Instead of succumbing to this daily grind, she took charge, crafting a revolutionary housekeeping method that demands only 30 minutes a day, and most notably, weekends off! This innovative approach, initially jotted down and pasted on her fridge, liberated her from the shackles of endless chores. But Gemma didn't stop there; she created The Organised Time Technique, a blueprint for structuring even the most hectic of lives, and The Organised Mum Method, a plan for reclaiming your time for joy, relaxation and passion.

Years later, with two best-sellers The Organised Time Technique and The Organised Mum Method, and two top-rated apps, Gemma's influence resonates globally. She provides a lifeline to parents, guiding them out of the quagmire of daily chaos. If you've ever thought about cleaning smartly rather than strenuously, then Gemma’s TeamTOMM awaits you. Gemma’s message is crystal clear: life is not all about housework. While most of us can’t be Beyonce with a dedicated cleaning crew, with Gemma's methods, house chores can be swift, leaving ample time for fun.

If you've ever felt buried under the weight of daily tasks or struggled to find a moment for yourself, Gemma Bray might be your salvation. She promises clarity, direction and above all, the freedom to pursue desires - be it a novel hobby, a side hustle or the luxury of a long bath. Gemma can also be found sharing her wisdom and reigniting zest for life as the Host of The Organised Mum Podcast, discussing everything from balancing cleaning with long working hours to running a home as a single parent. Standing out as a transformative figure in the realms of cleaning and parenting, for anyone seeking a blend of efficiency and life balance, Gemma is the quintessential influencer.

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