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Danielle Dixon, otherwise known by her Instagram name House To Home At Last, has emerged as a prominent cleaning and lifestyle influencer, illuminating the lives of many with her inspiring home transformation journey. Since the inception of her blog in 2017, Danielle has encapsulated her audience with tales of turning houses into homes. Through thick and thin, Danielle has showcased the metamorphosis of her space, emphasising the power of hard work, perseverance and passion.

Danielle and her husband's 11-year journey, having lived in various houses, has given her a unique perspective on homes. Although many of those homes were rented and couldn’t bear their personal touch, the couple never lost hope. Finally, in May 2016, they decided to pour their hearts into their own house, resulting in a heartwarming abode that stands today as a testament to their journey. Their story is a beacon of hope and inspiration to many, encouraging them to believe in the power of transformation and evolution.

Her global experiences, from living in Perth, enjoying the scenic beauty of Australia, to relocating to the UK and living in Cirencester and then eventually moving up North, have enriched her palette of home décor and lifestyle tips. Each move, every new home, and all the diverse experiences have added layers to her insights, which she generously shares with her followers. In 2018, Danielle, fuelled by the itch to transform yet another space, took the leap of faith to renovate an old property—a two-bedroom bungalow. The success of this project sparked the beginning of many more. By 2019, they were onto their second property. Through her Instagram, she has brought her audience along on these renovation journeys, garnering immense appreciation and feedback.

Moreover, Danielle's expertise hasn't gone unnoticed in the commercial realm. Esteemed brands like Balsam Hill Christmas Trees, Swan Brand, Temu and Snug Sofa have sought partnerships with her. Additionally, her presence has been solicited at brand events for Home Bargains, signalling her growing influence in the home and lifestyle domain. What makes Danielle's blog truly captivating is the amalgamation of her renovation tales with a plethora of home and lifestyle posts, sprinkled generously with handy cleaning tips and tricks. She stands as a living example that with dedication, drive and a sprinkle of passion, anything is achievable.

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