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Anna Louisa, also known online as Anna Louisa at Home, is a popular influencer best known for sharing content revolving around her home, interior design, DIY, cleaning and the ultimate hacks. 

Also a new mum, Anna’s Instagram feed documents her journey as a first-time parent, adding ‘parenting influencer’ to her already impressive repertoire. 

Anna’s Instagram feed is filled with picture-perfect snaps of her home, sharing every intricate detail with her fans who are often seeking inspiration. Filled with cool greys and lots of neutrals, Anna’s home is a place of calm and tranquillity, however, she doesn’t shy away from showing the realities of a busy home with ‘Instagram vs Reality’ style posts. 

Sharing everything from fridge organisation, DIY kitchen makeovers and creative Reels showcasing her many transformations, there isn’t anything Anna can’t do. 

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