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Style clearly comes naturally to interior and lifestyle influencer Emily Henderson; that’s why her lifestyle blog, Style by Emily Henderson, has become such an online hit amongst social media users. With an strong online following both for her blog and social media profiles, Emily’s fanbase is growing by the second and makes her one of the most influential interior and lifestyle bloggers on the internet.

Besides being a professional stylist, New York Times best-selling author of STYLED and TV personality, Emily is the founder of a daily style blog, Style by Emily Henderson. This blog consists of various different articles and posts discussing interior design tips, the ‘do’s and don'ts’ of home decor and exciting DIY tutorials. Emily is not afraid of refuting perfectionism; with blog posts such as ‘7 Big Design Lessons (Ahem, My Mistakes) That Can Apply to Every Renovation’, she stays honest to her readers when sharing her own trial and error experiences with interior design. This effectively strengthens her image as an influencer; her blog inspires many when establishing innovative styling benchmarks whilst maintaining authenticity and integrity throughout her posts.

Keeping her readers engaged, she often partakes in interactive projects on her website. Her ‘Vacay Giveaway’ offers fans a chance to win a 4-day vacation when partaking in a voting poll to rate each of Emily’s designs. In this way, the influencer gains both feedback from her following on popular demand, but also gives back to her audience by rewarding them with exclusive giveaways. Furthermore, her style quiz offers readers a chance to assess their own design tastes, giving them a direction to follow when navigating through Emily’s website/blog.

On top of this, the influencer has successfully transformed her passion into business, offering a wide range of items on her website including furniture, miscellaneous home decor, fashion and kids fashion, tech and gifts, utility products, outdoor items and renovation. Her shop is extensive, and allows people to become active members of her business as she provides items suitable for a variety of different audiences and purposes.

Emily is an enthusiastic entrepreneur and team worker when it comes to launching new projects. She states herself: ‘designing a house isn’t the fun part for me, what I love is the collaborative nature of creating a space with others.’ Her team-oriented spirit makes Emily the perfect influencer to collaborate with when it comes to lifestyle, fashion and interior design projects.

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