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About Tara Slinger...

Tara Slinger emerged as a beacon of inspiration and creativity in the world of interior design and lifestyle influencing, all starting from a unique twist of fate. Instead of embarking on a honeymoon, Tara and her husband Joe chose a different kind of adventure — renovating their newly bought home. What began as a personal project soon blossomed into a journey shared with thousands, as Tara began showcasing their home's transformation on her Instagram page. Today, she commands an audience of over 100,000 followers, all eager to partake in her vibrant aesthetic and innovative design tips.

Selected by the renowned paint brand Dulux, Tara had the honour of curating her custom 'New Chapter' palette, a testament to both her unique style and her personal journey. Featuring bold hues like Auburn Embers and Coral Charm, her colour choices aren't just a design statement but reflect her ongoing mission of self-love and acceptance. These colours, especially prominent in her newly redesigned office space, aren't just shades on the wall — they're an embodiment of warmth and embrace, offering what Tara describes as "one big hug" upon entry.

 This journey wasn't always smooth, especially in the early days. Tara and Joe, balancing new careers and parenthood after the birth of their son Henry, initially found little time for home improvements. But following their 2019 wedding, the couple redirected their energies from honeymoon planning to home renovation. The subsequent lockdown turned out to be a surprising boon, driving more people online and skyrocketing Tara's page to popularity.

 What sets Tara apart isn't just her eye for design but her philosophy of creation and thriftiness. She's garnered attention for her resourcefulness, rescuing items from back alleys and championing upcycling. By sharing this journey, she doesn't just showcase a home's transformation but encourages a community of followers to think creatively and fearlessly. Tara's story inspires others to look beyond the conventional, embrace colour and life, and above all, to find joy in the spaces we call home.

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