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Victoria Justice is making waves in the home renovation and interior design community on Instagram. As the creator behind the popular account, thisenglishhome, Victoria has carved a niche for herself as a tastemaker, breathing old-world charm into contemporary spaces. Her focus on renovating newly built homes with traditional and classic vibes has garnered a wide and dedicated following.

Victoria's content largely revolves around innovative DIY projects, where she provides her audience with clever and actionable ideas to spruce up their spaces. Her hands-on approach, characterised by the Instagram videos of her personally completing DIY endeavours, has endeared her further to her audience. She has an uncanny ability to break down complex tasks into manageable steps, making the world of DIY accessible to both novices and seasoned enthusiasts.

Some of her most notable projects encompass a wide range of areas within the home. From transformative patio makeovers that beckon for alfresco dinners under the stars to painting bathroom tiles in a way that rejuvenates the space without the need for a complete overhaul – Victoria's creativity knows no bounds. Her ingenious use of materials and her eye for detail ensures that every project she undertakes has a unique and personalised touch.

Moreover, her influence in the DIY and home décor community has caught the attention of prominent brands. She has successfully collaborated on ads with notable names such as, Rust-Oleum, Architextural, and Shower Wall UK. These collaborations not only showcase Victoria's credibility in the field but also her capacity to bridge the gap between brands and everyday homeowners looking to beautify their spaces.

In conclusion, Victoria Justice's, thisenglishhome, account is more than just an Instagram page; it's a testament to the magic of combining old-world aesthetics with modern spaces. Through her videos and projects, she continues to inspire a generation to roll up their sleeves, pick up a brush or a tool, and breathe life into their homes.

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