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About LaurDIY...

Lauren Riihimaki is the face behind the popular Instagram page and YouTube channel, LaurDIY. 

As the name suggests, Lauren is passionate about DIY and has dedicated her entire social media presence to exactly that. 

From DIY makeovers to face masks and crafts, Lauren’s social media platforms have it all and are a source of inspiration for millions.

On YouTube, Lauren shares detailed videos and DIY tutorials for fans to watch and follow along. Also passionate about fashion, Lauren regularly uploads styling videos as well as clothing hauls. 

Lauren is also a regular user of Instagram and uses the photo-sharing platform to keep fans up to date with her rather luxurious lifestyle. From holiday snaps, fashion photos, and OOTD’s to providing fans with an insight into her stylish interior taste and home décor

Continuing to create fun and engaging content, Lauren is also the host of two podcasts, Craftopia and Wild Til’ 9.

To collaborate with LaurdIY or to find out more about how DIY and crafting influencers can impact your brand’s latest marketing and social media campaigns, contact Influencer Matchmaker via email at Alternatively, call one of our dedicated matchmakers on 0203 9580 427. 

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