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About Clean With Kayleigh (Kayleigh Taylor)...

Kayleigh Taylor stands out as a dominant figure in the realm of cleaning and home influencers. Boasting a whopping 400k followers on Instagram and an even more impressive 2.1 million followers on TikTok, her influence in the cleaning niche cannot be understated. Her dedication to maintaining a clean, organised and beautiful home environment is evident in the content she meticulously crafts and shares with her dedicated audience.

One of the major highlights of Kayleigh's career is her role as an ambassador for The Pink Stuff cleaning products. This role speaks volumes about her credibility in the cleaning industry and her ability to advocate for products that truly deliver results. This isn't the extent of her partnerships; Kayleigh has successfully collaborated with prominent brands such as Dettol, Scrub Daddy, Lenor, Brillo and The Range. Each partnership is a testament to her vast knowledge in the cleaning domain and the trust these brands place in her expertise.

Kayleigh's content is as diverse as it is engaging. She generously shares videos where she meticulously cleans various parts of her home— from her bedroom and kitchen to her children's bedroom. Each video is a treasure trove of tips, techniques and product recommendations that have made the lives of her followers simpler and their homes more beautiful.

But Kayleigh isn’t just about cleaning. She understands the importance of balance and often shares snippets of her personal life, lending a touch of authenticity to her profile. Her videos on family holidays, candid pictures with her children and even tips on packing suitcases for vacations provide a holistic glimpse into her life. It's this mix of professional cleaning insights and personal moments that endears her to her audience.

In a world filled with influencers, Kayleigh Taylor truly shines, ensuring our homes are not just clean, but also filled with love and warmth. Her authentic, engaging content transcends cleaning, resonating deeply with audiences and making her an invaluable asset for any brand seeking impactful, relatable promotion.

To collaborate with Kayleigh Taylor or to find out more about how cleaning and home influencers can impact your brand’s latest marketing and social media campaigns, contact Influencer Matchmaker via email at Alternatively, call one of our dedicated matchmakers on 0203 9580 427.

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