Cleaning influencers are experts at showcasing cleaning techniques, products and routines on their social media, captivating audiences with satisfying transformations. Brands leverage them for campaigns, capitalising on their expertise in driving product awareness in the home and lifestyle sectors. Having grown 6.6% every year since 2011, the cleaning industry is undoubtedly boosted by the network of cleaning influencers that promote it.

Why Hire a Cleaning Influencer for a Campaign?

Cleaning influencers offer a unique blend of relatability and expertise, making them invaluable assets for brand campaigns. Their content, rooted in everyday chores, visually demonstrates product efficacy, garnering high engagement. They tap into a niche audience passionate about homecare and organisation, allowing for precise marketing. Their authentic reviews often hold more sway than standard advertisements, and with their trendsetting abilities, they can amplify a brand's visibility. Furthermore, their platform provides brands with an immediate feedback loop for product evaluations. An industry that contributes £54.5 billion to the economy, don't miss your opportunity to tap into the potential of a cleaning influencer!

Source: British Cleaning Council

How Can I Hire a Cleaning Influencer?

At Influencer Matchmaker, you can hire a cleaning influencer tailored specifically to your brand's needs. Consider the influencer's audience demographic, engagement rate, content style and authenticity and ensure these align with your brand values. Once you have identified the requirements of your campaign, contact Influencer Matchmaker to hire an influencer on 0203 9580 427 or complete our online contact form to begin your journey to a successful partnership with a cleaning influencer!

Who are the Top 10 Exclusive Cleaning Influencers to Hire for 2024 Brand Campaigns?

The Organised Mum AKA Gemma Bray

Gemma Bray, popularly known as The Organised Mum, is a household name and an inspirational figure for many worldwide. Stemming from her personal experiences as a new mother, she developed The Organised Mum Method—a groundbreaking housekeeping strategy that requires just 30 minutes daily with weekends spared. By replacing the cycle of endless chores with structured efficiency, she championed the belief that life isn't solely about housework. With two best-sellers, two top-rated apps and hosting The Organised Mum Podcast, Gemma's methods have become global lifelines. As a cleaning influencer, she offers more than practical advice; she offers a pathway to balance, joy and the pursuit of one's passions.

Jack Callaghan

Jack Callaghan is revolutionising the world of cleaning influencers. With a substantial following across Instagram, TikTok and YouTube, his remarkable influence stems from turning daily chores into captivating content. From mesmerising laundry routines to detailed kitchen clean-ups, Jack’s videos make the mundane seem extraordinary. Major brands like SodaStream, Dunelm and Special K have recognised his prowess, leading to significant collaborations. As a proud Dyson Ambassador, he effortlessly promotes their innovative products, intertwining them with a lifestyle of sophistication and simplicity. Jack’s genuine approach underscores the delight in daily tasks, making him an unparalleled cleaning influencer in the digital age.

Kim Woodburn

Kim Woodburn's ascent from a cleaner in Kent to Channel 4's highest-paid female presenter symbolises her unmatched prowess and charisma in the cleaning sphere. With 'How Clean Is Your House?' and appearances on the Oprah Winfrey Show, she and Aggie MacKenzie won global hearts. Kim's autobiography, 'Unbeaten', and her instructional books like ‘How Clean Is Your House’ and ‘The Cleaning Bible’, highlight her depth and expertise. Beyond cleaning, she's a fixture in UK entertainment, with memorable roles in 'I’m A Celebrity' and 'Celebrity Big Brother'. Launching cleaning products in Poundland, she's indisputably a cleaning influencer, merging her vast knowledge with innate showmanship.

The Middle-Aged Blogger

Karen, widely recognised as The Middle Aged Blogger, has seamlessly transitioned from an interior design maven to an influential cleaning guru. This dynamic mum of two from Kent chronicles her everyday adventures on her blog "Cherry Oak Manor", offering glimpses into her world, from home renovations to daily chores. As she embarks on a transformative journey to renovate her new twenty-six-acre farm, Karen remains diligent about sharing not just design tips but also her favourite cleaning products. With genuine brand reviews and a devoted following, she represents the relatable realities of midlife, making her an invaluable asset for brands aiming to tap into the home-care and design market.

Jottie’s Journal

Jottie's Journal, led by the dynamic Jo, is a treasured destination for cleaning enthusiasts and home aficionados. Based in Southwest Wales, Jo has garnered immense popularity through her engaging content that dives deep into the realms of cleaning, interiors and home decor. Drawing from her personal experience of running a cleaning business, she shares a delightful mix of reviews, cleaning hacks and rapid tutorials. Beyond cleaning, Jo is a passionate DIY enthusiast, documenting her redecorating endeavours and her signature "Sort It Sunday" series, aiming to make homes more organised. As a devoted mother, she intertwines snippets of parenthood and appetising recipes, making her platforms resonate with a broad audience.

Ann Russell

Ann Russell, hailed as 'The TikTok Auntie' by her 2.2 million followers, is revolutionising the cleaning sphere. With her straightforward and relatable nature, Ann dispels the myth of pristine perfection, advocating for authenticity over unattainable standards. Her journey on TikTok began whimsically, intending to "stalk a teenage niece", but it blossomed into a platform where she shares practical cleaning advice, drawing from her own missteps and learnings. An author of two books, her wisdom aids those stepping into adulthood, offering guidance with a pinch of humour and heart. Ann's genuine voice assures us that it's okay to embrace imperfections and still be a guiding light.

Clean with Kayleigh

Kayleigh Taylor has revolutionised the cleaning influencer landscape with an astounding presence on Instagram and TikTok. With over 2M followers, she's a beacon in the home care domain. Her partnership with top-tier brands like Dettol, Scrub Daddy and Lenor underscores her credibility and expertise. Serving as an Ambassador for The Pink Stuff cleaning products further establishes her prominence. Kayleigh's content isn't just limited to cleaning; it’s a blend of professional insights and intimate personal moments, offering followers a balanced perspective on maintaining a clean and loving home environment. Beyond just cleaning tips, Kayleigh Taylor is a trusted voice for a cleaner, warmer home.

Lynsey Queen of Clean

Lynsey, fondly known as the Queen of Clean, is the UK's top-tier homecare maven. Regularly lighting up ITV’s This Morning and Channel 5’s Gadget Show, her expertise transcends television, with columns in renowned publications like Home Style Magazine and the Daily Express. Hailing from Cambridgeshire, she's a doting family woman with a chic fashion flair, effortlessly merging elegant dresses with trendy white sneakers. Facing challenges in her youth, Lynsey transformed adversities into stepping stones, emerging as a lauded entrepreneur. An author of four hit titles, including "The 15 Minute Clean", her profound cleaning insights and strategies make Lynsey an unparalleled cleaning influencer.

Clean with Courteney

Courteney Marchant stands as a luminary in the realm of cleaning and home influencers. Gracing Instagram with a blend of expertise, from nuanced stain removal to garden maintenance, Courteney’s tips have become the gold standard for many seeking practical home care guidance. Beyond cleaning, her shopping hauls, especially from stores like Home Bargains, present a treasure trove of quality yet affordable home-enhancing products. Complementing her home expertise, Courteney dazzles followers with her impeccable 'outfit of the day' posts, demonstrating her flair for fashion. Having collaborated with big brands like SheIn and Sky Cinema, she's a trusted voice in home care, parenting and personal style, making her a dominant figure in the digital world.

House to Home at Last

Danielle Dixon, known on Instagram as House To Home At Last, is a celebrated cleaning and lifestyle influencer. Since 2017, her compelling narrative has depicted the journey of turning mere houses into cherished homes. With a rich tapestry of global experiences, from Perth's beauty to Cirencester's charm, Danielle's insights into home décor are unparalleled. Having faced challenges with rented spaces, Danielle and her husband finally manifested their dream home. Her instinct for rejuvenating spaces led her to successfully renovate a bungalow, with more projects following. Commercial partnerships with brands like Balsam Hill and Swan Brand affirm her expertise. Danielle's blend of renovation stories and cleaning hacks has endeared many, exemplifying that dedication and passion can truly transform dreams into reality.

Nancy Birtwhistle

Nancy Birtwhistle, the winner of The Great British Bake Off in 2014, has extended her influence beyond the realms of baking. Hailing from Hull, her roots trace back to hearty home-cooked meals, inspired by her grandmother's unwavering culinary intuition. Today, she's not only renowned for her baking prowess but also as a cleaning influencer. Nancy has authored books such as "Clean & Green", showcasing her commitment to a sustainable lifestyle. Her aversion to wastefulness and emphasis on eco-friendly practices has resonated widely. Through social media, Nancy engages with her audience, offering advice and endorsing a holistic approach to living. Her genuine love for sharing and interaction solidifies her position as a trusted cleaning influencer.

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