Football Influencers

As the influencer marketing industry only continues to grow, the industry is seeing new fields of influencers increase in popularity - such as football influencers!

Today, football is a lot more than what takes place on the pitch. A global network of football experts has blossomed from the age-old game, and amongst those experts are football influencers. Avid football fans turn to influencers to discover everything from match highlights to analysis and commentary. Football influencers have already broken into mainstream media, with Sky Sports launching The Overlap to promote the work of football influencers and demonstrate their abilities to analyse football alongside professional pundits. We have also seen the likes of The Sidemen inviting influencers to take place in charity football matches, matches watched by over 2.6m people and that rival figures seen in premier football leagues. From skill challenges and the promotion of football products to commentary and current affairs in the sport, the expertise of a football influencer is endless.

Football influencers sit at the helm of an audience that is only increasing, don’t miss your opportunity to tap into the potential of a football influencer and reach huge audiences today.