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Chris MD is a popular British YouTuber, best known for his entertaining football challenges and FIFA pack opening videos. Recognised by audiences of all ages, he has been known to collaborate with some of the largest creators on the platform, including TBJZL, Miniminter, KSI, Behzinga, Calfreezy, Joe Weller, and many more. With over 5.5 million subscribers across his two YouTube channels, Chris’ iconic content has become a fan-favourite throughout the football community.

Having first posted on YouTube in 2011, Chris’ online presence has grown rapidly over recent years. Focusing his channel on football content, he has created multiple series which he regularly uploads, including The Ultimate Sunday League Footballer, Football’s Top Drawer, Nerf War, and Football Challenge Videos with celebrity footballers. Keen to share content he is passionate about; Chris has gained over 5.5 million followers on YouTube to date and has gained remarkable opportunities to work alongside some of the most talented footballers in the world.

A leading football influencer, Chris has also gained great success on Instagram. With 1.5 million followers to date, he showcases snippets of his YouTube videos and pictures alongside both social media and professional football legends, all areas of his career that he is proud to promote to a new target audience.

A passionate, talented professional, Chris MD is one of the most popular football influencers on the circuit. Keen to work with brands he truly believes in, Chris is the ideal content creator to promote brands of all kinds.

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