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About Rory Jennings...

Rory Jennings is an incredibly talented football influencer, best known for his popular YouTube channel. Sharing his content with over 258K subscribers to date, he has taken the industry by storm for many years and is now one of the leading voices throughout the football community.

A fan-favourite with audiences across the UK, Rory has become an avid user of social media, currently reaching an audience of 93.2K followers on Twitter, 53.1K followers on Instagram, and 33.9K followers on TikTok. Admired for creating engaging content that focuses on some of the biggest stories throughout the football community, Rory has now become an ideal influencer to promote brands of all kinds.

With many years of professional experience behind him, Rory is currently working as a presenter for talkSPORT2. Allowing him to share his specialist industry knowledge and experience with audiences across the UK, he has gained the opportunity to speak on some of the largest events in sporting history whilst on live television.

An expert in his field, Rory is treasured throughout the community for his hilarious football commentary, often going viral for sharing his honest opinions on all sporting headlines. When looking to hire a passionate football influencer to promote your brand, do not hesitate to contact Influencer Matchmaker regarding Rory today!

To collaborate with Rory Jennings or to find out more about how football influencers can impact your brand’s latest marketing and social media campaigns, contact Influencer Matchmaker via email at Alternatively, call one of our dedicated matchmakers on 0203 9580 427.

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