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Fashion model, Adwoa Aboah, is the sensation who’s created her own platform to support women and represent the BAME community as an influential person in the media.

Adwoa appeared on the cover of Vogue for Edward Enniful’s first edition as Editor-In-Chief of British Vogue, but she was becoming the next biggest star months prior to this.

As a mixed-race woman with a shaved head and alternative look, Adwoa has challenged conventional ideas of beauty and has represented her community as a figure with a large and inspirational platform, making her someone to look up to.

Adwoa is an advocate for mental health and has been very open about her own struggles, tackling depression and drug addiction in her past, along with a suicide attempt that left her in a coma for four days.

Now, Adwoa is the founder of Gurls Talk, the community-led non-profit organisation dedicated to support girls and women struggling with mental health.

It is a safe space where women can access resources, share experiences, and support each other, on topics ranging from racism, abortion, sex education, sexual health, and mental health. It offers live events, podcasts, and an online community.

Adwoa is an inspiration, and with such a large following, she is the perfect influencer to help boost your brand campaign!

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