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Eddy Grim is a leading lifestyle and fashion influencer, as well as model and Instagram icon. With over 62.9k followers on social media, he acquired fame through being a top model on social media and posting fashion, lifestyle and travelling content for the general public.

Eddy adopts a signature look through dressing in classic, chic formal wear, ranging from shirts, suits, black tie attire and classy peacoats. His clean-cut style is a look that can be appreciated by many, as he shows how smart attire can be collaborated with day to day street wear. When he’s not flashing a shiny suit and watch with an espresso in hand, the influencer takes the path into fitness and health influencing when posting content relating to gym routines and fitness motivation. He collaborates with globally renowned brands such as Vitabiotics, House of Cavani, Colgate, 19Crimes and Starbucks in a series of sponsored content on his social media channels, promoting products and endorsing the brands that he advocates.

Despite his prominence as a fitness influencer, he keeps his health and fitness content realistic as he posts pictures of his ‘cheat days’ where he indulges in comfort food. He encourages a balanced lifestyle for everybody who is an aspiring fitness star or simply trying to get into shape through a healthy routine.

With many eyes looking up to the influencer for fitness, fashion, lifestyle, travelling and grooming, he is the ideal partner for brands that work in these industries. As his Instagram account is his dominant platform for posting content, using his following for strategic digital marketing will enable your brand to expand its reach to a more concentrated audience.

To collaborate with Eddy Grim or to discover more about working with social media influencers, simply contact Influencer Matchmaker via email at contact@influencermatchmaker.co.uk. Alternatively, call one of our dedicated matchmakers on 0203 9580 427.

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