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About Ellie Mae Grady...

Ellie Mae Grady is a TikTok star from North Lincolnshire, best known for creating relatable and comedic videos living her life as a “single women in her mid-twenties”. Her hilariously infectious personality and her take on content creation has helped Ellie to amass an incredibly large and loyal following.

After posting her first few videos on TikTok during the nation’s first Covid-19 lockdown, Ellie started off taking part in trends and recreated classic lip-syncing videos. Being unsure what to do and stuck in lockdown, the launch of her videos has provided her with a creative output that has led her to a full-time career.

Ellie’s content features stories from her dating life as well as relatable content about being a single woman in her mid-twenties. Always having a passion for singing, Ellie has used her platform to express her love for both singing and song writing, often uploading videos of her performing original songs as well as covers for old classics.

Now Ellie has branched out to Instagram and is continuing to build a solid following as well as maintaining her highly engaging TikTok audience. This increased following has attracted lots of global and world-renowned brands and Ellie has since collaborated professionally and successfully.

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