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About Eloise Mitchell...

Eloise Mitchell is a popular fashion, beauty and lifestyle influencer and is no stranger to the limelight as she is the sister of YouTube star Jake Mitchell

Taking to both Instagram and YouTube, Eloise is recognised for sharing a variety of fun and engaging content. With a clear interest in fashion and style, Eloise regularly shares her favourite outfits in the form of OOTD’s, as well as uploading clothing hauls and try-on style videos. 

As well as fashion, Eloise's social media channels highlight her passion for beauty, often sharing her skincare and pamper routines.

Eloise uses her platforms to keep fans up to date on many aspects of her lifestyle, including documenting momentous occasions such as buying her first car and getting a puppy in a series of vlogs. 

More recently, Eloise starred in Footasylum: Locked In, a series which sees several YouTube stars live together, competing to win points, with the winner donating their £10,000 prize to charity. 

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