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Chloe Busby, better known online as LifeWithTheBusbys, is a parenting, lifestyle, beauty, and fashion influencer from London. The mum of four often takes to her Instagram page to share tips, tricks and experiences of being a mum as well as family time on holiday and on days out.

During the national Covid-19 lockdown, Chloe found herself home-schooling her children and felt guilty that she wasn’t devoting enough attention to her youngest 3-year-old. As a result of this, Chloe started designing a toddler ‘busy’ book to keep her little one entertained but also in an educational way.

After sharing her first draft on Instagram, the response was insane! Her followers wanted to buy the books for their own children, so Chloe started producing more and selling them until she eventually had to set up a website to keep up with the demand! As time went on, Chloe expanded her products and branched out to flashcards and stickers, which proved to be just as popular.

As Chloe is a qualified primary school teacher, other parents see her products as classroom-worthy, which has contributed to boosting her sales. Now, Chloe runs a successful small business, Busby Busy Books.

With an ever-growing online presence, Chloe has already worked with a plethora of massive brands. We are excited to see what the future holds for Chloe, as she will no doubt keep her highly engaging followers up to date on her up-and-coming business ventures.

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