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Amber May Hutton

About Amber May Hutton...

Amber May Hutton is a content creator from the UK. Having amassed a large following on both Instagram and TikTok, Amber has a highly engaging and loyal community who enjoy hearing about her day-to-day life and things she gets up to.

Graduating from the University of Chichester, Amber documented her time as a student through the use of the Instagram Highlights feature. She also uses the same feature to document trips that she goes on alongside her boyfriend and friends.

Over on TikTok, Amber posts a range of content from lip-syncing videos to shopping hauls of new clothes and makeup. Amber also likes to hop on the latest trends, recreating her own version of popular content.

Having already collaborated with well-known brands successfully, we are excited to see what is to come for Amber as she continues to grow her social media channels.

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