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About Brooke Tatchell...

Brooke Tatchell is a TikTok and Instagram influencer from Essex, England. Known for her comedic TikToks, dancing videos and lip-syncing clips, Brooke has amassed a large and loyal following, which is continuing to grow every day.

Branching out to Instagram, Brooke often uploads photos of herself in her favourite outfits, collaborating with brands and even walking down red carpets. This has only increased her following, and now Brooke has launched her own YouTube channel, to further her digital reach.

Uploading pranks on her boyfriend as well as challenges alongside her friends and fellow creators, Brooke’s YouTube channel sees her create a different style of content.

Brooke is a member of the UK TikTok creator house, Icon House. Living with fellow TikTok creators in a big mansion, Brooke has the opportunity to collaborate with other popular individuals, taking part in challenges and the latest trends.

With an ever-growing following, we are excited to see what is to come for Brooke as she continues her content creating journey.

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