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About Emily Faye Miller...

Emily Faye Miller is a model, television personality and social media influencer based in London. Best known for her fun and rebellious personality after appearing on the second season of Netflix’s dating show Too Hot To Handle, Emily has amassed an incredibly large and loyal following across both Instagram and TikTok.

Leaving the villa, situated in the exotic islands of Turks and Caicos, alongside her partner Cam Holmes, the pair often create content together posing in their favourite outfits. They’ve also travelled to many destinations around the world including Paris, Dubai, Spain, and Cuba.

Emily’s TikTok page is full of her less serious content where she makes hilarious skits with her friends, as well as jumping on the latest trades. Emily also enjoys sharing ‘Get Ready With Me’ style videos, where she shows her stunning makeup and stylish outfit for the activity ahead.

Having already collaborated with many global brands and having a sensational following, Emily would be a great influencer to help boost your latest marketing campaign and gain exposure for your brand.

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