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About Caitlin Muirhead...

Caitlin Muirhead is a fashion content creator and beauty influencer who posts consistently on her Instagram, TikTok and YouTube pages. Being a fully qualified makeup artist, Caitlin’s content is often videos of her doing her own makeup for special events such as Halloween or can often be inspired by celebrity’s latest looks. Caitlin enjoys getting in front of the camera and showing her personality to her large and loyal following.

On her TikTok page, Caitlin has a running series called “GRWM”, which stands for Get Ready With Me. The short clips consist of Caitlin getting ready for when she’s going out. Whether that’s date nights with her boyfriend, Halloween parties or launch parties, Caitlin always looks glamorous with a nice face of makeup.

Caitlin also likes to take part in current trends on her TikTok. For example, the one dip makeup challenge. This particular challenge saw Caitlin do a full face of makeup using just ‘one dip’ of each product. Using eyebrow gel, concealer, bronzer, primer, foundation, blusher, highlighter and mascara, Caitlin created an outstanding result, and the video did really well.

Over on Instagram, Caitlin often posts her makeup creations and her favourite outfits, attending events alongside her friends and family.

With an ever-growing following and a consistent work ethic, we are excited to see how far Caitlin can grow, already having worked successfully with some big, global brands.

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