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About Copper Garden...

Copper Garden is a top fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog run by Jessica Shappard, whose influence has touched more than 100k fans globally. Using social media as a digital platform to share her expertise, the influencer has gained popularity among many on Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and her own blog, Copper Garden.

Needless to say, Copper Garden is a space for creativity and individuality; she uses this space to explore and share her unique insight when it comes to fashion, lifestyle, travelling and more. Keeping followers up to date with regular blog posts, Jess takes on topics such as travel tips and guides, bucket lists for fellow adventurers, restaurant reviews for foodies, how to travel solo, beauty hacks, fitness advice and relationship talks. Alongside this, she shares her personal musings through blogs such as ‘How To Slow Down When Keeping Busy Is The Latest Trend’, ‘Style Lessons I Learnt From My Mother’ and ‘Rediscovering My Online Voice’. Sharing personal thought and experience through a series of written blog posts keeps her fans engaged in Jess’ personal life, making her an open and honest influencer that followers can relate to and gain inspiration from.

Her growing YouTube platform is a digital domain that Jess effectively utilises for informative and engaging content; she describes her channel as an ‘extension of [her] personality. Expect lookbooks, hauls and the occasional travel video with [her] boyfriend.’ Her videos consist of vlogs, designer unboxings, hair tutorials, fitness videos, ways to style every outfit, makeup and skincare, festival fashion, travelling vlogs, clothing hauls and home decor/interior design videos. Almost ticking every box, she presents herself as a well-rounded influencer with an array of interests and guides for fans to follow with each post.

Jess’s Instagram delivers an artsy edge as her posts display a range of nude-coloured outfits and backgrounds, with soft hues and colour coordinated creams and whites. She carries this aesthetic throughout her travelling pictures, creating a visually appealing album of her adventures. Aside from documenting her travels and everyday life, she utilises the platform for digital marketing and brand collaborations. She has worked with globally acclaimed brands such as Pandora, Missguided, Starbucks, Asos and more. She has had more active roles in campaigning for Ariel’s eco-friendly products and encouraging fans to reduce their footprint on the environment. She is the ideal partner for businesses who are looking for a dedicated influencer to use innovative marketing strategies through social media and influencer marketing.

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