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Emily Canham

About Emily Canham...

Emily Canham is a well-known beauty vlogger and social media influencer who has taken the world by storm during her online career. Her honest and down-to-earth approach to fashion and beauty has guided thousands of fans. She is also an ambassador for L’Oréal Paris and has been working with the global brand to create makeup ranges on several influencer campaigns.

Emily started her YouTube channel in 2012 and has continued to go from strength to strength. Her self-titled channel now has hundreds of millions of views and covers everything from cooking to documenting her days through daily vlogs, as well as beauty and hair tutorials..

Emily has also expanded her remit to include travel-related content. Her travel diaries, relationship stories and personal life insights have endeared her to her fan base and give her one of the most loyal online followings.

Emily has also created a self-titled blog that has seen millions of views. She uses her blog to discuss her trips abroad and her must-have beauty products.

This talented influencer’s success has not gone unnoticed, as she was spotted by L’Oréal and chosen to be one of their Prince's Trust Ambassadors. What’s more, she has worked directly with L’Oréal Paris as a part of their popular Beauty Squad. 

Emily is also an avid social media user and is widely considered to be one of the most popular Instagram influencers around. She posts everything from holiday snaps to her favourite outfit looks. Her dynamic Instagram profile brings all of her passions together and appeals to fans of fashion, beauty, and travel.

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