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About Eloise Fouladgar...

Eloise Fouladgar is a TikTok sensation who has established herself as a great music & entertainment, fashion, travel and lifestyle influencer. Amassing an incredible following across her Instagram, TikTok and YouTube, Eloise has taken the social media world by storm.

First posting a video during the nation’s covid-19 lockdown, Eloise quickly became popular due to her lip-syncing clips and her latest trends videos. Pranks were also a frequent upload of Eloise’s and tend to be her most popular TikToks.

After making TikTok her fulltime job, Eloise dropped out of her politics degree at London’s City University in her third year. This turned out to be the best decision as it allowed Eloise to build her social media presence and saw her starting to attract well-known brands, in which she has since collaborated with.

Eloise is an avid traveller and takes to her social media pages to document her journeys. Spending the summer of ‘22 in Greece, Eloise shared her adventures as she island hopped across the Mediterranean. Eloise has also travelled to the stunning Indonesian island of Bali, the romantic city of Paris and the busy markets of Marrakech.

Having already collaborated professionally and successfully with world-renowned brands, Eloise is the perfect influencer to help support your latest marketing campaign, reaching out to a large, loyal and highly engaging audience.

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